Art of the Fabled Lands

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Here is the link to purchase the Fabled Lands Artbook by Megara Entertainment (112 colour pages) - available now!
Art of the Fabled Lands - Book 1 by Megara Entertainment in SF, Fantasy et Terreur

When it was first published on bound paper in 1995, Fabled Lands amazed its readers with a rich book-spanning adventure far beyond the scope of traditional gamebooks. Now it has cracked its paper shell and spread its wings in the new realm of the computer (iPhone and iPad apps by Megara Entertainment), soaring on currents not only of text, but of music and color artwork. From a team of visual artists with many skills and styles came a storm of hard work to vastly expand the original illustrations, giving graphics for text that had until then been untouched. This book holds a beautiful fraction of the artistic creativity that forms worlds within your mind. You submerge in the wonder of the moment: what creature is it that stands in those woods? Will this rain ever cease beating upon the fields? Sifting through the Art of Fabled Lands is like adventuring in the world already. We hope you enjoy the art and this perfect accessory for Fabled Lands gamebooks owners, with new text material included. 

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